Thursday, 29 September 2016

Do you need Transition Management Services?

Restructuring your Businesses? What are the potential costs? How do you maintain your exposure to the market? You can benefit from a possibility-handled solution that fulfills your business’ transitions needs. Even planned restructurings that are good in their services require a specialist management service for setup. KALS, as an expert in various technologies and transition management will provide solutions and services as per your requirements.

The experienced teams of professionals associated with KALS services help you manage such crucial phases of your business evolution and thus enable you overcome all the pitfalls encountered during a transition period. The KALS Information Systems Ltd transition management service consists of:

·         Directing the project
·         Handling the old system
·         Cleaning-up the old data and migrating it into the new system
·         In-depth training each department’s IT team in the final technology chosen.
·         Ensuring that the final system meets the requirements

There are various transition management services such as Project Maintenance, Application Maintenance Services, Technology Orientation, Data Quality Study, Clean-up and migration, and User Acceptance Testing. Opting for such services from experts helps businesses with systematic planning, implementing, and monitoring changes in an organization.

KALS recognizes the difficulty involved in migration, not just from the vendor perspective, but also from your perspective. They undertake quality data analysis, data clean-up and does migration exercise comprehensively. Any transition is a massive project. The main reasons behind transition are the multiple projects which pretend to be as one. Multiple vendors and departments, conflicting requirements and priorities, escalating costs and limited budgets? All combine to make it a really complex exercise.

Irrespective of your requirements, rely on KALS experience and expertise and partner with them for their Transition Management Services. To learn more about KALS’ Transition Management Services, visit http://www.kalsinfo.com/transition.php.

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